Telli Health Launches World’s First Cellular And Voice-enabled Weight Scale With 600-Pound+ Capacity

Release Date : July 28, 2022

Weight Scale Is Voice Enabled and Will Better Monitor and Serve Patients With Chronic Health Issues

Telli Health is pleased to announce the launch of the world’s first cellular and voice-enabled weight scale with a capacity of over 600 pounds (272 kilograms). Currently, most weight scales in remote patient monitoring (RPM) operate with a weight limit of 400 pounds, which does not meet real-life obesity-tracking requirements and leaves many obese patients feeling dejected and marginalized.


According to recent statistics from the CDC, the US obesity prevalence was 41.9 % in 2020, with obesity-related conditions on the rise. An inclusive scale that can serve a much broader population, the device is voice enabled and responds to patients when their reading is complete, addressing the needs of visually impaired patients and/or bariatric patients who typically struggle to see the screen of standard devices.

The Telli Health weight scale is user friendly and has a plug-and-play design, allowing patients to measure their weight with ease and begin tracking daily, weekly, and monthly progress immediately. By simply stepping on the weight scale, patients can accurately weigh themselves any time and all data is uploaded within seconds to their healthcare provider. The scale is rugged and built for durability, with rechargeable lithium ion batteries. Working on over 750 cellular carriers, readings can be taken seamlessly in 191 countries.

Telli Health Sales Account Manager William Dos Santos commented,

“Telli Health is responding to a demand, and I could not be more pleased that we are introducing a more inclusive, voice-enabled product to the marketplace. The Telli Health weight scale will serve bariatric patients better than ever before. Patients will now be able to monitor their progress, save historical data, and thanks to accurate, reliable, and immediate readings and uploads, their providers will be able to better monitor their weightloss journey.”

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Media Contacts:

Will Dos Santos
Sales Executive
Telli Health