Diabetic Consumables Subscription

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Never want to run out of test strips? Telli Health’s Diabetic Consumables Subscription options will automatically ship consumables directly to your door (home or commercial). We have four (4) convenient subscription options to choose from. Choose the best option for you.

Shipped every 90 days

  • Option 1: 150 Glucose Test Strips and 150 Lancets (Average User – most popular)
  • Option 2: 300 Glucose Test Strips and 300 Lancets (High Usage ~ 3 tests per day)

Shipped every 180 days

  • Option 3: 300 Glucose Test Strips and 300 Lancets (Average User – most popular)
  • Option 4: 600 Glucose Test Strips and 600 Lancets (High Usage ~ 3 tests per day)

*Every shipment includes a shipping fee of $10.45 for FedEx 2-day shipping anywhere in the USA (except US Virgin Islands). Save on shipping by choosing one of our 180-day options.

Product Specifications:

Diabetic test strips are compatible with Bioland (Model: G-427B) and are single use only

Lancets are packed in individual packages of 25 units of 30G Sterilance Soft Twist Lancets, the most pain-free lancets on the market. Color will vary.

Glucose Test Strip Chemical Composition:

  • Glucose oxidase 10%
  • Electron Shuttle 50%
  • Enzyme Protector 8%
  • Non-reactive ingredients 32%
  • For in vitro diagnostic use only
  • Store at 39.2°F – 104°F, RH<80%
  • Keep away from direct sunlight
  • Single use only
  • Read instructions before use