Telli Health 4G Sleep and Resting Heart Rate Monitor

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Introducing the world’s first cellular-enabled Sleep and Resting Heart Rate Monitor, which measures overall sleep, sleep time, heart rate, sleep cycles (deep, light, and REM), interruptions, and sleep latency and waking.

Physicians now have a better way to monitor their patients’ sleep. Telli Health’s Sleep and Resting Heart Rate Monitor is projected to dramatically increase patient adherence across multiple specialties since readings will be taken every time the patient lies down to go to sleep and will be stored in the device.

The nonintrusive mat will automatically transmit patient data directly into the existing electronic health record, available to their provider immediately – a departure from traditionally cumbersome medical devices that require patients to manually track and record all readings. Paired with remote blood pressure monitoring, for example, the use of the Sleep and Resting Heart Rate Monitor will give cardiologists additional data to more effectively monitor their hypertensive patients and reduce trips to the hospital ER.

Studies have consistently linked sleep irregularity with worse cardio-metabolic health. According to a May 2022 study published in the journal Sleep, 12,300 participants between the ages of 18 and 90 used an under-mattress sleep device and a portable blood pressure monitor over multiple months to investigate associations between sleep regularity and hypertension. Findings show that high sleep duration irregularity was associated with a 9% to 15% increase in hypertension risk. The Telli Health Sleep and Resting Heart Rate Monitor will serve as an effortless way to get ahead of such chronic conditions, monitor and accurately measure sleep, improve health outcomes, and revolutionize in-home care and the remote patient monitoring industry.

Contents of Order:

1 x Sleep & Resting Heart Rate Monitor

1 x Rechargeable Lithium Battery

1 x USB Charging Cable


  • 7 Days of Use Before Recharging Needed
  • Lifetime of Minimum 10,000 Regular Uses
  • Small and Non-Intrusive Compact Design
  • Low Battery Alert
  • Can Support 30kg-225 Kg Weight


  • Operating Environment: Temperature: -10°C~50°C
  • Humidity: 15%~93%RH, non-condensing
  • Air Channel Requirements: Air leakage shall not be greater than 5mmHg/min (or 0.6 kPa/min). (300 cc TANK)
  • Inflation Rate: Increase pressure in 300cc container from 0mmHg to 150mmHg within 30 seconds
  • Deflate with Manual Switch 
  • Respiratory Rate: 10-55 times per minute
  • Range of Pulse Rate: 40-199 pulse per minute
  • Weight of Product: 245g
  • Product Dimensions: L74xW74xH18mm (main unit)


Download Product Info Sheet 

Download How To Take A Reading Manual (for patients and device users)