Keys Essentials to Remote Patient Monitoring Devices

by Will Dos Santos

by Will Dos Santos

Sales & Medical Device Expert at Telli Health

The first rule of thumb is a simple one – remote patient monitoring devices should always be easy to use and easy to understand for both patients and providers. 

In this guide, you will understand the 7 critical areas to focus on when selecting a Remote Patient Monitoring Device provider:

  • Easy To Use Hardware
  • Accuracy and Reliability
  • Cellular Connectivity
  • Lifecycle Cost
  • Privacy Requirements
  • Batteries & Device Memory
  • Patient Adherence

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Your patients deserve the best.  The Telli Health devices are hands down the most accurate and easiest to use connected care devices on the market. One-touch readings are a breeze for my patients and most importantly, readings are always accurate. If you have a remote monitoring program and are not using Telli Health devices, you’re making a mistake.

Dr. Evan Levine

Cardiologist with over 35 years of experience