Covid-19 In-Home Monitoring Package

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COVID-19 Package Now Available! We now offer the complete Remote Patient Monitoring COVID-19 Package – which includes a 4G Pulse Oximeter and Touchless 4G Thermometer. This package is ideal for patients who are high-risk of COVID or out-patients who need to be monitored for COVID from home. Quantities are limited and COVID patients will be prioritized.

4G Pulse Oximeter Specifications

The world’s first FDA approved 4G Pulse Oximeter. Taking a reading is now as easy as pressing a button. No more pairing, difficult setup or user frustration. Our SpO2 connects to your patients with your preferred software seamlessly and easily. 

This product is only available for consumers using the Telli Health Blood Pressure Device.


  • Lanyard included so it can be easily carried and used any time, any place.
  • Easy to use all-in-one integrated finger device has an efficient one-button operation that allows you to measure blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate of adults and children
  • Completely wireless for readings on the go.
  • Simple operation for immediately, real-time spot-checks
  • Automatically powers off when not in use
  • Display in real time your blood oxygen data, perfusion index value, pulse rate waveform, pulse rate value, pulse column, and battery strength
  • Compact size and lightweight, it comes with a lanyard so you can carry it around and use it anytime and anywhere


  • Color : Gray
  • Dual color OLED displays SpO2, PR, waveform, Pulse bar
  • Operation Temperature: 5~40°C, 
  • 4-direction & 6-mode display provide convenient readings
  • Setting alarm range of Spo2 and pulse rate
  • Menu- function setting (Beep sounds, etc)
  • USD data transfer (Option)
  • 58mm*35mm*30mm
  • Weight: 33g (without battery)
  • Power requirements: 2pcs AAA-size alkaline batteries
  • Storage Temperature -20~+55°C
  • Measurement Range: 70%~90%
  • Accuracy: 9% on the stage of 80~99%
  • Resolution: +1%
  • Low Perfusion:  < 0.4%
  • Measurement Range: 30BPM~240BPM
  • Accuracy: +/-18 PM or +/- 1% (the larger one)


Contents of the Kit: 

1 x  Pulse Oximeter 

1 x Instruction Manual

2 x AAA-size batteries 

Automatic 4G Digital Wall-Mounted Infrared Thermometer Specifications

Telli Health’s Touchless 4G Digital Wall-Mounted Thermometer is the first of its kind with no contact measurement / touchless technology and 4G cellular connectivity. The Thermometer is Verizon certified and works on all major cellular carriers globally.

Save on labor cost and add more convenience for both your patients and your staff by deploying this automatic wall-mounted infrared thermometer. This thermometer will quickly, accurately and reliably read the patients’ temperature automatically without the need of an operator. Just stand in front of the device for one second and once a reading is detected it will automatically transmit to the healthcare provider. Increase patient adherence with our simple to use Telli Health Touchless 4G Thermometer.


Non-contact measurement

High-temperature alert warning

Quick measurement( within 1s)

High accuracy (within 0.02F)

3M wall mount adhesive

FDA Certified


Temperature measurement distance: 1-10cm
Measuring range: 91.4 F – 109.4 F
Accuracy: (± 0.01 F-± 0.02 F).
Power supply: DC 5V/18650 lithium battery/2000mAh powerbank
Size: 22X15X12 cm
Long serve time: (over 5000times per full-charge)

Download User Manual