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The Ultimate Guide to Remote Patient Monitoring Devices

Everything you need to know before choosing a device provider and investing in your connected care program, for free.

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Case Studies

See how Telli Health is working to address the real-world needs of Remote Patient Monitoring vendors by providing the latest 4G connected technology to dramatically reduce support and implementation costs while increasing patient adherence metrics for positive health outcomes.

Telli Health x Accuhealth Case Study

Remote Patient Monitoring vendors were having issues securing accurate and reliable devices that are easy to use. Learn how Telli Health met the needs and set the standard for connected care devices.

Eseye x Telli Health Case Study

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) powered by IoT connectivity is a powerful solution enabling patients to be monitored wherever they are, delivering data back to medical teams to review and act on if necessary.

RPM Device Videos

Blood Pressure MonitorAccuracy Test Comparison Report

Comparing Bioland Blood Pressure Monitor (2006-2B), Telli Health, Omron and Other 4G Blood Pressure Monitors accuracy.

Comparison Method

1. A non-invasive blood pressure analyzer is used to test and compare the actual measurement of human body.
2. The non-invasive blood pressure meter is tested in three gears: high/medium/low; human body test randomly select 5 personnel for comparative testing.