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Telli Health’s 4G Blood Pressure Monitor is the most accurate 4G cellular device on the market. This device combines the traditional testing kit (with multiple components) into one simple device with cellular-enabled 4G technology. This device is easy-to-use, durable, reliable and accurate.  In addition to the convenient design, the Telli Health 4G Blood Pressure Monitor ties into any software platform. Please refer to our Developer’s Guide for integration steps.

Pricing Breakdown: One-Time device fee includes 12-months of cellular connectivity. Annual fee of $24 is charged after 12-months and is recurring every year as long as the device is Active.

Contents of Order: 1 x Blood Pressure Monitor 1 x Adjustable 22-42cm Cuff with Tube & Lithium-ion batteries  


  • FDA certified and C-E certified, track up to 3 months of readings for your doctor. If you suffer from hypertension or hypotension, daily use our blood pressure Monitor to track blood pressure values, your doctor can offer more accurate diagnosis and treatment
  • The most Accurate 4G Cellular Blood Pressure Monitor in the market. Model U807: Blood pressure monitor for home use, can accurately track your high or low blood pressure every day with its 180 sets memory bank. Accuracy ±3mmHg. On the right side of monitor screen, you can view the Diastolic, Systolic and Pulse Rate data upon the BP machine finished working
  • USB Cable and Lithium-ion batteries (included).
  • On the right side of the monitor screen you can view the Diastolic, Systolic and Pulse Rate data once the BP machine is finished working.
  • Adjustable Adult Size BP Cuff Monitor for upper arm 22-42cm / 8.7-16.5 inch circumference. On the left side of the monitor screen is the color to distinguish blood pressure. 
  • One-Touch Operation: The Blood Pressure Monitor is fully automatic, just need to press one “Start” button to measure your blood pressure and heart rate. Entire process takes less than 30 seconds. 
  • Lightweight and easily fits in your pocket so that you can take it with you anywhere.


  • Fully automatic voice indication
  • Output power: 6V ±5%% Measurement pressure: 3 mmHg 0 to 299 mmHg
  • Accurate pulse: 5% for reading 40 to 199 pulses/min Air pressure mode: micro air pump automatically inflates and electronic automatic control deflates
  • Automatic shutdown: about 3 minutes
  • Maximum output current: AI for 600 mA Output plug polarity: <+> internal Outside diameter .5.5mm 0.1mm Internal diameter: 2.1mm 0.1mm

NOTE: to help reduce electronic waste, USB wall changer not included, but can be purchased on our site. Download Product Sheet