Skip the Remote Patient Monitoring Company with Telli Health’s Easy to Use, Accurate Devices

Why Telli Health?

Removing barriers and making medical devices easier to use and more accurate is Telli Health’s number one priority.

Problem: Are you a physician looking to maximize your RPM revenue without the need for expensive third-party RPM software?

Solution: Telli Health devices can be integrated directly with your EHR and send readings directly to your patients’ EHR on a daily basis. No RPM vendor or software is required and all EHRs are supported.

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Your patients deserve the best. The Telli Health devices are hands down the most accurate and easiest to use connected care devices on the market. One-touch readings are a breeze for my patients and most importantly, readings are always accurate. If you have a remote monitoring program and are not using Telli Health devices, you’re making a mistake.

Dr. Evan Levine

Cardiologist with over 35 years of experience