Telli Health Delivers World’s First 4G Cellular-Connected SpO2 Pulse Oximeter for COVID-19 Patients

Release Date : December 20, 2021

Pulse Oximeter Works Globally on All Major Cellular Carriers in 191 Countries to Simplify Out-patient Care for COVID-19 Patients

MIAMI, FL, December 20, 2021Telli Health today announced the delivery of the first FDA certified and approved 4G cellular-connected SpO2 pulse oximeter, addressing the unprecedented demand seen during the pandemic for remote patient monitoring (RPM) devices, particularly SpO2 pulse oximeter, to track COVID-19 patients.

The pulse oximeter rounds out Telli Health’s complete 4G package to measure and detect common physiological parameters. These devices also include a touchless thermometer, blood pressure monitor, blood glucometer, and weight scale, and serve as a complete COVID-19 kit to monitor pre- and post-discharged patients without any additional equipment required. Patient data is automatically transmitted directly into their existing health record and are available to their provider immediately, all from the comfort and safety of their home.

Telli Health’s Cellular SpO2 pulse oximeter, along with its other RPM devices, are valuable as an alternative to COVID-19 hospital admissions – they help reduce the spread of the virus and help free up hospital space for other emergencies, altogether improving healthcare delivery.

Telli Health Director of Product Support Alvaro Salgado, commented, “The pulse oximeter is the main device used to monitor COVID patients, so I am thrilled that our 4G cellular-connected SpO2 pulse oximeter is now being delivered to providers – Telli Health is responding to that demand. Providers have reported in the past that COVID patients indicated that they were feeling fine, when oxygen saturation levels were quite low. Our cellular-connected SpO2 pulse oximeter will alert providers of a problem and give them ample time to act accordingly. Our pulse oximeter is also significantly advantageous for its ease of use and low power requirements. This revolutionary technology will allow patients to remain at their hospital-in-home to recover in a familiar place in lieu of a traditional hospital room.”

Telli Health devices use SIM technology that connects to all major carriers including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile/ Sprint, providing a solution to patients in the most rural and remote areas, improving accessibility and allowing more patients to be reached.

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Alvaro Salgado

Director of Product Support