Telli Health Introduces World’s First Contactless Connected 4G Digital Thermometer

Release Date : October 4, 2021

Telli Health’s 4G Thermometer Responds to Global Demand for Contactless, Quick, Accurate Temperature Readings Available to the Healthcare Industry and Consumer Market

Telli Health today announced the release of the first-ever contactless connected 4G digital wall-mounted infrared thermometer, which is introduced at a significant time when this technology can be used to safely screen and monitor COVID-19 patients, as well as patients with numerous other diseases.


The thermometer is Verizon certified and works globally on all major cellular carriers in 191+ countries on 655+ cellular networks. Telli Health is the only medical IoT device company offering a contactless connected 4G thermometer, with immediate availability to all healthcare providers and virtual care companies.

Eliminating the need for an operator, this contactless technology saves time and labor, and removes the risk of spreading infection. The 4G thermometer will quickly, accurately, and reliably read the patient’s temperature without the need for an operator. Temperatures are read within one second, and a high-temperature alert warning is included. Once a reading is detected, it will be transmitted automatically to the provider’s software without the need for Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This ease of use will increase patient adherence.

Jeff Bartzen, Sales Executive at Telli Health, commented, “This is a huge deal especially for hospital at home COVID patients—our contactless connected 4G thermometer is a revolutionary device to have on the marketplace during the current global pandemic, and it will further streamline patient care. Telli Health already has a solid record of accuracy, reliability, and ease of use with our connected care devices, which include plug-and-play, cellular-enabled blood pressure, blood glucose, and pulse oximeter devices, Telli Health is a market leader in 4G connected medical devices. I am very pleased that we are adding this 4G thermometer to our product offerings.”

Telli Health is the industry leader in medical IoT devices. Removing barriers and making medical devices easier to use and more accurate is Telli Health’s number one priority. Telli Health is proud to partner with the best network providers across the globe to deliver fast and reliable coverage for the best user experience possible, no matter the location. Visit for more information. 


Jeff Bartzen

Telli Health Sales Executive